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Past Events - Kirkistown 20th March 2008

The weather could not have been better. Pure blue skies, cold air and warm tarmac made for an amazing combination. Many of the people attending commented on how it was the best Kirkistown track day they had attended.

Things started off nice and relaxed as they guys made their way to the track from the four corners of the island. Our longest travelling attendee was from Cork such was the promise of the day. A real buzz could be felt in the air with the thrumming of approaching engines as yet more exotic and not so exotic cars arrived to take this place in the car park.

After an hour or so chatting to old friends and making some new it was time to go in for some grub. Track days and food often instil fear, even in those with the strongest constitution. With some trepidation we all filed into Kirskiston’s café but very soon our fears were washed away in a tide of good food and hot coffee. Giddy with joy having survived breakfast it was time to get serious and listen to the drivers briefing. Connaire (Committee Chairman) gave a good talk about safety while having fun. With that over, to the track we headed.

Having so much time on our hands (over 7 hour possible track time) quite a few people held back, unpacked their cars and took in the atmosphere. Me among them. The first few runs were in sessions until supply and demand met and the track went open pit lane. Grip levels were phenomenal, we could not have asked for better conditions. Many people took up the offer of tuition and some very fast lap times were put in.

Come 12.30 it was time for lunch. “You feeling lucky punk” said the chef, well maybe not. Thankfully luck was not required and lunch was great. Nice to see all the guys sit down together at the one time and take some time out. Many great laps were talked at lunch, some of them were even true. Then back out for a great afternoon of track action.

Just in time for lunch Mick arrived in his Eclat with a tale of woe and triumph. On the way up he broke down outside Newry with collapsed suspension, for most this would be the end of their day. Not Mick, he went into a building suppliers, bought some tools and also getting the use of their equipment, managed to fabricate some new parts and a few spares too. Fast forward a few hours and he is clocking over 100mph, on home brew suspension components, while in a multi lap dice with a 1972 Reliant Scimitar. Truly heroic stuff. The story in his own words: here

5.30pm came quickly and soon it was time to go the hotel. A great day seemed to be had by all. No big offs and some great driving. Off we went to the Strangford Arms where the bar was lapped more than the track had been. Reasonably priced beer and reasonably priced accommodation added a great ending to the day.

Some videos: Video 1 Video 2